Gum Disease & Life Saving Tips


  • Root Canal Bacteria Attack Heart, Circulatory System

    Root Canal Bacteria Attack Heart and Circulatory System-Found Low In Calcium Level in Blood. ? George Meinig, D.D.S. The technical medical names for a wide number of circulatory ill health problems which can occur as side effects to root canal therapy are endocarditis, myocarditis, pericarditis, ... View Post
  • Bad Breath vs Gum Disease

    ... As bacteria clings to these food particles and grow the result will be bad breath. Because these pockets are often very deep they cannot be properly cleaned by everyday brushing and flossing the foul odor remains. Usually only a professional dental cleaning will be able to remove this debris from your teeth and restore the inoffensive breath back to your mouth... View Post
  • Degenerative Disease Caused by Tooth Infections

    Degenerative Disease Caused by Tooth InfectionsCase Histories.- Part II- By Dr. George Meining, D.D.S., * It is extremely disturbing to think about all the degenerative diseases which exist and are bankrupting our people and our country. Worst of all is the fact so many people are dying of afflic... View Post
  • Degenerative Disease is Caused by Tooth Infections

    Degenerative Disease Caused by Tooth InfectionsCase Histories.- By Dr. George Meining,D.D.S., * Quite often Price referred to the high number of "rheumatic group lesions" which resulted from dental infections. That terminology produced some confusion as it placed extreme emphasis on rheumatism an... View Post
  • How To Use Ultimate Gum Solution ™

    How To Use Ultimate Gum Solution ™ ?We guarantee our product, Ultimate Gum Solution ™ If you follow our instruction, you’ll have good results. UGS works 100% if instructions are followed exactly!Bacteria must be killed in the gum infection area According to Dr. Weston Price, D.D.S. research, the... View Post
  • Why The Research was Covered Up and Buried

    In this issue:Why The Research was Covered Up and BuriedHow Focal Infection Theory Disbelievers Brought onThis Blunder- Part IBy Dr. George Meining,D.D.S., * Suppression of the Dr. Weston Price accomplishmentswas unfortunate for the development of medicine and detrimental to the health of our pe... View Post
  • 75% of Adults Have Some Form of Gum Disease

    Ultimate Gum Solution is an affordable and effective alternatives to costly dental procedures and an invaluable addition to regular dental care, gum disease, periodontal disease, gingivitis, and bad breath. In conjunction with dentists and doctors around the globe, we are helping millions of patients find relief from toothache pain and the agonizing side effects of root canal treatment. View Post
  • Calcium Levels and Function in the Body

    It is critical to kill the bacteria in the mouth and gum area before the bacteria
    penetrates into our tooth decay process. That is why we recommend our to subscribers to maintain routine usage of our Ultimate Gum Solution™ daily. View Post