How To Use Ultimate Gum Solution ™ ?
We guarantee our product, Ultimate Gum Solution ™ If you follow our instruction, you’ll have good results. UGS works 100% if instructions are followed exactly!
Bacteria must be killed in the gum infection area According to Dr. Weston Price, D.D.S. research, there are more Then 20 different bacteria in our mouth.

How much should I use?
There is no set amount of quantity of UGS (Ultimate Gum Solution) because of Our UGS is 100% Natural Nutritional Solution with Strongest Antibacteria.
However, Therefore we recommend our customer to use enough Solution To be penetrated into the infected area, gum infection pockets.
You can use UGS as much as you need. 1-1oz. of UGS can be used for 1 or 2 months depend on your symptom. Or serious advanced periodontal disease patients should use more than 1-1oz. of UGS bottle a month.

UGS solution must be penetrated into the infected gum pocket areas to have good results!

Use 3 times daily- Serious gum infection or advanced gum disease Use 2 times daily – Minor gum disease patients. As long as you maintain your gum with UGS, there will be no infection Problem at all! – Guaranteed!

Penetration of UGS solution into the infected gum pocket is the Key To control your gum infection,bleeding and swelling gums Gingivitis, toothache pain root canal side effects, canker sore and Bad breath all can be controlled!

Solution must be kept in your mouth after rinse at least ONE MINUTE! After ONE MINUTE you can swallow it or spit it out! If you can keep SOLUTION longer in mouth is better!

Can I use UGS for my Dog and Cat?
Of course you can use it if they have gum disease problem or bad breath!
Can I use UGS for Children ?
You can use for children too.

It is safe because is our UGS is 100% natural nutritional solution.
Can pregnant mothers use UGS? No problem to use UGS for their gum infection problem. Most of the pregnant mothers have a tendency of Nutritional Deficiencies. Therefore UGS is the Perfect Solution for their Gum Disease problem.

To Eliminate Bad Breath?
Keep good nutrition and digestion product For 10 days Rinse with UGS 3 Times Daily and Gargle with UGS And Swallow UGS. If you can do more then 3 times daily you will have Better results !
The longer you keep the UGS in the mouth you will have better results! T o have good and better results we recommend you to maintain daily!

To find good nutritional products(whole food nutrition) we recommend
The following sites:
According Dr. Weston Price’s D.D.S. Dr. Weston Price, D.D.S. the most important authority in nutrition and And physical degeneration in America. That is why he is called the Charles Darwin of Nutrition in America. Our dental problem comes with the NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCES When we lose our strength of immune systems, then our body start to Deteriorate with Different diseases. Tooth and gum infection are the one of Them.
That is why to keep good dental health, we must have good Nutrition and keep strong immune system in our body to protect Our body from bacterial infiltration
If our gum infection patients do not have good results after 10 days, Then we recommend our customer to use Oral Irrigator with Metal Tip. This tool will make sure the Solution can penetrate into the deep Pockets of the gum infections.


I don't know where to start, but hear goes. Well my problem started when I developed gum disease a number of years. I did't start to experience the degree of side affects (gum line reseeding, bleeding gums) until about three years ago. When I first came across your web site and saw the info you provide on the USG, I thought that this maybe the answer I'm looking for, so I sign up for your newsletter. Upon receiving your newsletters about the different facts on the disease mention in your report, which I did not knew before. Although I still wanted more info on the product it self and the research back ground, It took me awhile to make up my mind to order the product.

When I finally did. I said let's see if this product really works, because I have been suffering too long without a proper solution to my problem, after trying so many different products out there. I followed the instructions, and I have to say that on my first using UGS I was surprise in how quick it worked for me. I no longer had bleeding gums during the night, that gave me terrible breath in the mornings, which I had for years. My overall opinion is that UGS is the best product that I have tried so far with great results for a first time user. I hope with continued use of UGS I won't experience any more reseeding gum lines.toothache pain

My overall opinion is that UGS is the best product that I have tried so far with great results for a first time user. I hope with continued use of UGS I won't experience any more reseeding gum lines.toothache pain some time.

Thanks and all the best!
New York

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