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Inventor, Ultimate Gum Solution -Sung Lee
I am writing this message to the people who have in the form of gum disease, gingivitis, periodontal disease, bleeding gums, toothache related pain, canker sore problem, bad breath,
This could be related to dental infections,root canal infection. I have been suffering for all my life from the dental infections from my young age, dental cavities, gum swelling,
toothache pain. Dental problem was never ended from my life. Finally I have had major gum surgeries twice once in Boston and the other was in Los Angeles spending over $25,000 including
partials in my mouth between 1980 to 1992. However there was no end of my gum infection problem. I was still going to dentist office once every two months for my gum infection treatment
spending two to three hundred dollars every time I visit dentist office.
Finally I determined to find my own way through my natural health ingredients research. I tested every ingredients and found the solution to my problem. My research took me
5 years and have been testing 8 years through my own experience and with thousands of other customers who used Ultimate Gum Solution.
I have not been to dentist office for the last 8 years. Of course I have been maintaining my gum health with Ultimate Gum Solution daily.
I proudly announce this message to the people of world who might have same dental problem like me. I decided this mission to be my last mission to help others in this area after I had completed my christian missionary work for 34 years in several countries.

In the process of my research of Ultimate Gum Solution, I found Dr. George Meinig,D.D.S. who is the author of “Root Canal Cover-up” and research specialist on Root canal and research
specialist on Focal Infection Theory regarding Dr. Weston Price’s D.D.S. Focal Infection Theory. I further found out myself that my invention of Ultimate Gum Solution is also the scientific base of Dr. Weston Price’s D.D.S. Nutrition and physical degeneration.
Ultimate Gum Solution is 100% natural Nutritional solution with strongest antibacte

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